We aim to achieve the final output as 70:30 although this may vary from time to time depending on the particular flavour shot chosen. For example, a shot of Grape requires a lower dose to say Strawberry and as concentrates are carried in PG this will affect the overall ratio. That said, we are always within 2-3% if not bang on 70:30.
Postal Potions is the sister to Jungle Juice. Jungle Juice shortfills have gone through months on end in development. Through this time our team has come to learn the optimum dosage of each flavour made available to you today so they will vary. If we did 10ml of each flavour shot the Juice wouldn’t be that nice so it can vary.
We create the juice to your own specification, mix, bottle and cap then ship out to you in letterbox friendly packaging. You will need to adhere to the wait time on the bottle for the best flavour. Creamy and Custard flavours tend to be more complex therefore carry a longer steep time whereas a more basic fruit concoction will be a matter of 4-5 days.
Ideally keep the bottle in a warm and dark cupboard. Keep away from direct sunlight as UV can breakdown some flavourings. This is only minor but it’s a good idea to keep it upright and out of the way until its ready anyway.
There are methods such as using a homogeniser if you have one? If not, they are around £2000 so probably not worth it. Just be patient, it will be worth the wait.
We have hundreds of orders from Postal Potions and Jungle Juice to contend with, please bear with us. We promise that you will get your juice and if your still waiting after not receiving anything for 10 working days please contact us using the contact us page.