Postal Potions is the sister to Jungle Juice, a premium range of 0% shortfills catering for those that have just quit smoking and are use to simple profiles such as ‘Sumptuous Strawberry’ to more seasoned vapers that prefer complex flavours such as ‘Serpent Oil’ which boasts a pre steep time of 3 months with rich flavours of coconut lashings, Jersey cream and Sun ripened Pear.

Postal Potions was born from customer feedback. The 2 main frustrations of buying Juice online are:

Missed deliveries! If you’re not home your 60ml or 120ml bottle will not fit through the letter box so expect to receive a ‘Sorry that we missed you’ card and to pick up from your local depot. Postal Potions eliminates this problem, the 60ml postal bottles are designed to easily fit through a letterbox. Spending too much money on Flavour profiles that are boring and bland! Postal Potions has you covered on this too! Whilst the majority of Juice manufacturers do a decent job, when it comes to innovating new flavours the customer knows best! Now you can create your own unique juices specific to your desires in 3 easy steps!